• DAS Consultants Limited

      A Business Advisory and Recruitment Services in the United Kingdom.
    • We Recruit Permanent & Contract Staff.

      We specialized in care roles across the healthcare sectors in Wolverhampton.
    • DAS Consultants Payroll Services (DPCS)

      We accurate and reliable fully managed payroll outsourcing solutions for business.

Who We Are

We are a Business Advisory, Consulting and Recruitment Specialized Company.

We advise in the field of sustainable business growth, business opportunities, business and product management strategy and implementation.


We are building a more irrepressible future and also reshaping the future of resourcing and consulting.

By making the right connections, we help business create meaningful growth.

Our Solutions for a Sustainable Business Environment

DAS Consultancy deliver sustainable outcome focus areas, including Business Growth planning, Capacity Building and Cost Efficiency. When DAS Consultants Human Resources Management is in tune with your company's goals, it can look for ways to promote the desired behaviours and a culture that will help make them achievable.

Recruitment Services

We specialize in Care roles across the Healthcare sector in Wolverhampton. We recruit permanent and contract staff for our client in Healthcare sector.

How We Help

Outsourced Payroll

Vendor Management

We bring a number of benefits to your organization, including: subject matter expertise, improved efficiency, risk mitigation, cost reduction and greater scalability.

General Consultancy

Small Business Advisory & HR Services

Strategize & Improve your Business today with our Business Advisory Services.

Helping Care Services Recruit Workers

We recruit permanent and contract staff for our clients in the Healthcare sector with our fully managed services.

For more information or for advice and guidance on how to build your business and also, on how to reach us for recruitment services, contact us via;

42/46 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton WVI 4XB.


077 4196 0299

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We have a track record and diligently continue to support our clients in achieving optimal results.